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Neale Donald Walsh famously said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” If we are always comfortable and doing what’s familiar, then we are not challenging ourselves. We are not growing. We stay in a comfortable, predictable, and stagnant existence.

If you look around at your friends and colleagues, chances are you will see a spectrum of some people who are just trying to ‘get by’ and follow the routine that they know. You will also see others who listen to the beat of a different drum and lean into challenges and new opportunities that stretch them, make them uncomfortable, yet alive.

Comfort AND Growth

In fact, you most likely can see these two polarities at play in your own life: the need to be comfortable and the need to grow. And there is a time and place for both. Yet more often than not, I find that choosing growth is the more fulfilling path.

  • What does life feel like when you are just counting the days to the weekend or the next holiday or vacation?

  • What is it like when you wake up each morning and feel gratitude for making the most out of the day ahead?  

  • Which one of these realities is most true right now?

The great thing about listening to your intuition is that this immediately pulls you out of your comfort zone and into uncharted territory. Listening to your inner guidance provides insights from a different angle. This is literally where the term ‘outside-the-box thinking’ comes from.

Expertise On ‘Pause’

When you are setting goals and planning for your future, sometimes you have to be willing to suspend what you know. And this is one of the hardest things for leaders to do. Putting your expertise on ‘pause’ and opening up to all of the possibilities of this moment is rarely modeled in the boardrooms and team meetings around the globe.

If you or another leader is exemplifying this, you are receiving a valuable gift and a reminder of how to stay fresh and alive in your life, and cultivate a growth mindset for your teams.

One of our passions at Invisible Edge is helping leadership teams and creatives identify and unlock an unproductive mindset and move toward one of growth and possibility. If you have a sense that it’s time for a different conversation than the one you’ve been having, reach out to us at and let’s talk.


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