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Decisive Intuition: The Catalyst for Invisible Edge

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There I was wrapping up the last chapter of my book, Decisive Intuition, when it dawned on me. I finally saw how I could teach intuitive skill-building to leaders and teams in a practical and grounded way that improves results from decision making to strategy, and from team engagement and sales to innovation.

I had found a niche that I’m passionate about, that combines the latest research in neurobiology, psychology, and my teams’ collective years of business acumen and experience to develop the most cutting-edge programs that help people get to their invisible edge in business and in life.

The fact is that the subconscious mind processes information 500,000 times faster than the conscious mind. Not only do we make faster decisions, we also make better decisions when we access our subconscious mind.

Some approaches label this as a ‘flow state’ when top performers and entertainers enter ‘the zone’ where they are at peak performance.

At Invisible Edge™, we’ve developed approaches and techniques to help you access your subconscious mind for faster and better decision making individually and with teams.

And it all started with the core principles of my book, Decisive Intuition, which guides you, the reader, on how to access your intuitive intelligence for better decisions and results.

Here’s what John Perkins, bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hitmanand other books has to say:

“The war cry of business, ‘maximize short-term profits,’ is based on non-intuitive, quantifiable data and is contrary to hundreds of thousands of years of human experience. It has driven us to the brink of environmental disaster — and social irresponsibility. Snyder does a masterful job in showing us how to develop and utilize our intuition for greater creativity, innovation, and a form of leadership that can guide us back from that brink.”

I’m excited to share this work with you. Stay tuned next week for a surprise!

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