Intuitive Intelligence Roadblocks — Part Three — Busyness

By March 15, 2018Article

In this month’s series, we are exploring five of the most common roadblocks that get in the way of listening to and acting on your intuition in business. Each week will reveal another common obstacle.

This week we are focusing on a third topic: busyness. Busyness is a common obstacle that prevents us from sinking into our intuitive nature. Busyness is constant movement, overstimulation, the need to be entertained, overfilled schedules, perpetual achievement, and the fear of missing out that often comes from a mix of anxiety, insecurity, and a lack of self-worth. Chronic busyness is usually fueled by “doing,” which leaves little room for “being.”

The problem is that our modern culture rewards busyness and minimizes the positive effects of slowing down, balance, and downtime, all of which you are more likely states to receive intuitional guidance from.

In fact, research shows that when people are seen as busy, they are perceived as more successful and have a higher status than those who appear to have more leisure time. This is the exact opposite from a century ago where more leisure time was an indicator of wealth and success.

Busyness orients us toward outside tasks that take us away from listening to our inner guidance, which requires stillness and space to access. We are robbed of this deeper resource for decision-making as our attention is all over the place.

Stillness is the antidote to busyness. Being still is the ability to eliminate all distractions and outside noise as well as the background mental chatter, and simply get present to your inner experience. Through this slowing down process, you become more aware of the data that your body is sending you.

In a world that is moving at warp speed and filled with more information than you can take in, stillness helps you come back to your own inner essence. Learning how to be still before you take action is a very powerful tool that allows you to be more receptive and open to what’s happening in the moment, which is key to cultivating your intuition.

See what happens the next time that you are stuck on a problem and need to shift your attention. Step away from the computer. Get some fresh air. Take a slow walk outside. Or engage in a mindfulness practice. Find out what works for you to help you slow down and access your intuitive intelligence.

Stay tuned for the rest of our series as we’ll explore all five of the top roadblocks to accessing your intuitive intelligence. For more information on how to access intuitive decision making for you and your team, contact

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