Invisible Edge: How Did We Get Here?

By November 8, 2018Blog

Intuition is a paradox. One one hand, it seems very elusive. We can’t touch it, taste it, see it, or smell it, but we all know when we’ve had that gut sense when something feels ‘right on’ or ‘off the mark,’ no matter what our logical mind might tell us, in a way that we can’t explain.

Sometimes we just inherently know something to be true in our bones. It’s unshakeable. And when we don’t listen to these inner messages, we often pay a price. Think about a moment in your business or in your life, when you got a clear signal about a decision to make, and you ignored or glossed over it. What was the outcome?

What if there was a way to learn how to better recognize your inner wisdom through your own unique signals and cues that informed your decision making? What if you learned how to separate strong emotions like fear or over-excitement, doubt, or the loud voices and agendas of others so that you can tune into what your own inner data is telling you?

Invisible Edge™ started because everyone on our team has had these moments, and recognize how little intuitive intelligence is developed, let alone discussed, in the boardrooms and hallways of businesses around the world.

And yet we have also experienced how deeply fulfilling and impactfully rich it is when we have learned to trust ourselves in our ability to navigate this noisy world more skillfully through tuning into our inner guidance at key moments, that changes the course of a business or a life.

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