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Have you ever had the feeling of receiving a clear message from somewhere deep within yourself? An innate sense of direction on a tough decision like a career path, a relationship, or even a place to move? I’m not talking about your thoughts, but something deeper.

I’ve had these moments for as long as I can remember. I find that when I listen to that deep inner voice, it’s almost always life-changing.

And when I don’t, I often regret it.

Four successful businesses later, I am proud to say that Invisible Edge™ is the culmination of my life’s experience, study, and real-world trials and tribulations. Today, what I’ve learned serves me in boardrooms and offices around the world, where I mentor forward-thinking leaders at the forefront of their respective industries.

Four successful businesses later, I am proud to say that Invisible Edge™ is the culmination of my life’s experience, study, and real-world trials and tribulations. Today, what I’ve learned serves me in boardrooms and offices around the world, where I mentor forward-thinking leaders at the forefront of their respective industries.

I teach the best of what I’ve learned from my years of personal growth, clinical psychology, and life and business coaching, along with cutting-edge research in neurobiology, flow states, and leveraging our subconscious minds. And I’ve hired some of the best and brightest consultants and facilitators for both in-person and remote coaching to help you and your teams innovate, evolve, and rise.

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Our mission is to teach leaders throughout the world how to cultivate a culture of intuition for ingenuity, decisiveness, agility, greater productivity, and expanded market share. And of course, we want to enjoy ourselves and grow along the way.

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The Intuitive Engagement Pathway

A tool we founded all of our services upon.


The first step on the journey of discovering your intuitive intelligence is to recognize its existence in the first place. Think back to certain hunches and instincts you’ve felt in the past. The ones you wish you’d listened to. This is your intuition.


You may be aware of intuition in a general sense, but that doesn’t mean you accept it as a valid tool in your business decision-making. This stage is about removing old conditioning and confronting the five enemies of intuition blocking your ability to hear and accept guidance from within.


In this step, you’ll learn how your internal guidance system speaks to you and begin relying on your intuition for more powerful decision-making in your organization. You’ll also discover how to separate this from your inner critic, strong emotions, and other inner and outer interference.


Now that you’ve gotten to know your intuition, it doesn’t mean that you always trust it as a reliable source for decision-making when real pressures arise. This stage is about gaining trust for what you feel and ensuring you are using nuanced data to inform your decisions.


Acting on your gut instinct is the next step of engaging with your intuition. Action is what brings your innermost senses into reality in a practical way that completely changes your organization’s culture and course. When you live from this reference point, you can strategize and act in a more conscious, holistic and well-rounded manner, without the limitations imposed by the conscious, rational mind.


The final step of development is encouragement and fostering of intuitive intelligence within lower levels of your organization. It’s about mentoring others to choose the Intuitive Pathway for their own personal growth and contribution to your organization. This step allows you to amplify the results you’ve had by letting everyone in on the secret—your Invisible Edge.

Our goal is to help you develop a deeper relationship with your intuition. Every relationship has stages; to develop your intuitive intelligence, we’ve designed the Intuitive Engagement Pathway as a tool to measure and assess your progress.

Why Intuition Matters

Businesses that harness intuition have an invisible edge over those that don’t. The challenge is in guiding staff to use their intuition in a way that’s relevant to your business.

Fifteen years of working with leaders across every industry have shown me that those who rely on intuition to inform their decision making are exceptional at cultivating a culture of adaptiveness and agility.

The result? Innovation thrives. Creativity blossoms. Teams readily overcome challenges that might otherwise leave them fumbling.

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Discover the 3 Dimensions of Intuition

What makes our approach so powerful is that we develop and implement intuitive skills for your leaders and teams in three specific dimensions of your business:

The Navigator

Discover your inner compass for more effective decision-making. Build self-awareness skills through mindfulness practices, flow states, and self-mastery. Discern the true voice of your intuition as distinct from the inner and outer noise and distractions around you. As leading entrepreneurs can attest, trusting and acting from your inner compass is a differentiator and a game changer.

The Vibe Detector

Learn to read interpersonal relations in the room, picking up on social dynamics, emotional intelligence, nonverbal communication, and body language when interacting with others. Use this skill for improved communication, engagement, and connection in any business situation, such as winning sales, inspiring your teams, and intuiting the needs of your customers.

The Integrator

Absorbing information from your environment is a skill set that results in faster, better informed decisions. This includes pattern recognition, experiential learning, speed reading, mapping, and other practices that access your subconscious. Learn how to integrate all that data into powerful stories.

Rick Snyder

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO. Rick is the owner of Invisible Edge™ and the author of the upcoming book Decisive Intuition. He serves as a trusted advisor, mentor, and strategic partner for forward-thinking executives and companies. He has launched four businesses and combines that experience with over fifteen years of studying human behavior to advance intuitive skills into his clients’ business plans and company cultures. His breakthrough strategies have been implemented by executives and businesses in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. The past few years, he has lived in France and the UK, and brings a global perspective to his teachings. He loves travel, spending time with family and friends, and getting outdoors as much as possible.

Linda Newlin

Business Development Director and Senior Consultant

Linda is a Master Certified Coach, author, speaker, consultant and facilitator who creates strategic partnerships with organizations globally to coach, challenge and train leaders and their teams to transform performance, engagement and creativity. She brings a unique breadth of expertise to her leadership coaching and development, and organizational change having been a corporate HR executive, CEO and entrepreneur working with clients worldwide.

Linda co-created the Inner Work for Leaders course while on faculty at the Hoffman Institute and is passionate about leadership sustainability. She has written several books to empower individuals and organizations to be more fully present and use the power of intuition to be more effective, productive and purposeful in their work and lives. She recently moved to Boulder, Colorado from Santa Barbara, California and is enjoying the vast open spaces, the peaks and the glorious mile high sun shining throughout the four seasons.

Stephen Sloan

Senior Consultant and Content Strategist

Stephen Sloan is the founder and Managing Partner of Sloan Value Partners, as well as the founder of the Humane Leadership Conference. He has over 30 years of strategy, planning, and business transformation experience in a range of industries, including high technology and consumer products. Stephen’s previous roles include leadership in and consulting to startups and turnarounds of businesses in ERP and CRM, software development, and online marketing. He led digital transformation initiatives in operations, customer experience, and B2B sales at Harry & David as well as consulting with Global 1000 technology firms on marketing and partner strategy.

Slade Machamer

Senior Consultant and Content Strategist

Slade’s mission is to inspire leaders to move through self-criticism and doubt to bring their unique gifts to their work and the world. For the last seven years he’s led the development of EMyth’s global business coaching network, where he managed, mentored, and trained over 100 business coaches from The Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. His primary work centered on helping business coaches lead authentically in every conversation resulting in increased client retention and an over 60% growth in coaching sales. Slade’s passion lies in the art of making business engagement feel personal and relevant. For over 20 years he’s built sales teams, most recently as VP of Sales at EMyth, staffed large scale software projects through his own IT recruiting business for clients including Yahoo, Ebay and Visa, and been a major influencer of company cultures. When he’s not mentoring leaders he can be found exploring the hills of Southern Oregon with his inspiring wife, and adorable cattle dog.

Juna Mustad

Senior Consultant

Juna Mustad has been coaching leaders for the last 12 years on how to develop emotional intelligence, grow their innate intuition for better decision making, create healthy relationships and embrace their full potential. She works with executives, managers and teams to improve communication, develop mindfulness tools, foster leadership skills and team engagement, and enhance overall wellbeing. Over the last 5 years, Juna has worked with and trained numerous companies and organizations globally on cultivating intuitive intelligence in the workplace. Juna is a certified Conscious Living Coach through The Hendricks Institute and a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner through The SE Institute. Clients appreciate her energizing presence, keen insights, and experience with a wide variety of coaching and training modalities.

Rebecca Watson

Senior Consultant

Rebecca is a global executive leadership coach, cultural transformation consultant, business owner and author. She began her career as a commercial lawyer working in London and Australia, so she brings a pragmatic, results orientated approach to her global clients.

For the last 15 years, she has been working with CEOs, executives and boards of directors as a strategic partner to help them operate from their highest level of self-awareness, i.e. shifting from constant ‘doing’ and stress to operating from a place of strategic thinking, inspiration, and joy – thus creating motivated cultures to work in and gaining impactful business results. She lives in London and loves travelling the world, connecting with people, skiing and singing.

Susan Steele

Dean, Intuition University and Content Strategist

Susan has 25 years experience in communications, strategic planning and project management. Over the course of her career, Susan has worked in advertising, higher education, museums, nonprofits and B2B consulting companies, holding multiple leadership positions. As the Director of Alumni Communications at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, she led the process to give the alumni magazine a complete overhaul of content and look and feel to match the institution's new branding. With a Bachelor Degree in English, Susan is now focused on helping coaches and consultants write high-impact books. She also offers writing and consulting services.
Denise Williams Marketing Consultant

Denise Williams

Marketing Manager

Denise started her career 20 years ago as an editor and project manager for IEEE Computer Society Press in Los Angeles, where she worked with computer scientists and engineers around the world who were developing technology we take for granted today. This work sparked her interest in international collaboration, and after leaving IEEE she spent several years traveling and working abroad. In Dublin, Ireland, she launched a music magazine and became an unexpected local celebrity. Following that she moved to Morocco, where she worked with American schools in Agadir and Casablanca to help them gain accreditation, develop curriculum, and design their websites, among myriad projects. She later served as Marketing Director for Kansas City’s largest commercial landscape company before launching her own consultancy. She has spent the last two years focused on supporting online business owners and authors with their branding, marketing strategy, and content development.

Brett Sharenow

Trusted Advisor

Brett is a trusted advisor to senior executives in the areas of business strategy, planning, finance, raising capital, and exit. He brings a uniquely broad and deep understanding of technology, finance, business operations, and people across a range of industries. Brett is known for his ability to fix things and develop compelling business strategies that help ensure success for his clients. Since 1990 he has helped clients raise over $670 million in capital and has guided successful exits of more than $6 billion. Plus, according to one of his former clients, “He’s just a really great guy.”

The values we live by

We have set our internal values as a “true north” to guide our team toward both individual and company growth. These values are also essential indicators of the  external outcomes we provide for our clients.


We respect each other through honouring our agreements, keeping our promises, and building meaningful relationships along the way. This includes responsive communication and accountability to our fellow team members and clients alike. Our respect deepens relationships and builds trust.


Learning and growing should be fun and challenging, but not constantly stressful. We are serious about the work, but we skip the furrowed brow. Rather, we work in a spirit of fun, joy, spontaneity, and discovery.


We are impassioned about our role as teachers. Our measure of success is not only to produce positive outcomes for our clients, but to support our team members’ growth as well.


By knowing yourself, you create new opportunities for growth. We encourage team members to explore new perspectives and integrate new personal aspects in achieving personal growth.

Your Outcomes

It is our experience that connecting with your intuitive intelligence directly results in beneficial outcomes, and this is our focus in supporting each person and company we work with.

Personal Empowerment

Self-reflection empowers you. By tuning into your inner compass, listening to it, and learning to trust it, you will develop a deeper level of self-knowledge that sparks exponential growth.

Inner Peace

Intuitive intelligence is a gift. It gives you an unshakeable faith in your purpose and your truth and shows you how to value these convictions above the voices or opinions of outsiders. Your intuitive intelligence easily guides you through challenges and tough decisions. Trusting yourself and your intuition truly frees you from self-doubt and allows you to act decisively and confidently.


Through encouraging intuitive intelligence, your team comes alive and brings in the next ideas that fuel the growth of your business, increased engagement, and productivity. 


In a quickly changing world, the ability to adapt is essential. When your intuition is a trusted source of information, you develop an innate agility that aids you in overcoming challenges and rapidly responding to a shifting market.